Finance for Resilience: the Green Climate Fund - what it is and why it matters in Southern Africa

Finance for Resilience: the Green Climate Fund - what it is and why it matters in Southern Africa

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Author: CDKN Global
Type: Podcasts
Country: Africa

The third episode of the Finance for Resilience podcast takes a look at the Green Climate Fund (GCF): what it is and why it matters in Southern Africa.

In the podcast we unpack some basics about the Fund, and explore the challenges and successes of becoming accredited to receive GCF funds and implementing GCF projects in the region.

CDKN climate finance lead, Kamleshan Pillay, chats to three guests about their work with the GCF: Karl Mutani Aribeb, the Chief Operations Officer at the Environmental Investment Fund of Namibia; Muhammed Sayed, a Climate Change Specialist for the Climate and Environmental Finance Unit at the Development Bank of Southern Africa; and Charlotte Ellis, a project manager on the Southern Africa Climate Finance Partnership programme.

Listen to Episode 3: The Green Climate Fund: what it is and why it matters in Southern Africa below or on Spotify, Google or Apple iTunes. Read the transcript here.

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About the guests

Karl Aribeb
Karl Mutani Aribeb


Karl is a Namibian citizen with extensive experience in environment sector and issues of sustainable development. Having started his career in 1992, he holds 28 years of work experience during which period he worked for national NGOs, international environmental NGOs, UN Agencies and the Namibian government. He is presently employed by the Environmental Investment Fund of Namibia (EIF) where he serves as Chief Operations Officer since 2013.  Karl holds a Bachelors of Arts degree, majoring in sociology, from the University of Namibia (1992) and a Masters of Sciences Degree in Integrating Conservation and Development Programmes from the University of Wales, Aberystwyth (2000).



Muhammed Sayed
Muhammed Sayed


Muhammed is a Climate Change Specialist in the Climate Finance Unit at the DBSA. His role is to provide strategic advice to the bank regarding access to various climate financing mechanisms including conceptualization and development of proposals responsive to the priorities of the DBSA such as the establishment of a Climate Finance Facility. He provides advisory services to all the Bank’s sectors regarding Climate Change matters and maintains continuous dialogues with relevant external climate change partners on behalf of the bank.



Charlotte Ellis
Charlotte Ellis


Charlotte Ellis is a Project Manager at SSN and has in -depth understanding of the interrelations of climate change and related impacts on development outcomes. She has a background in applied development economics and has worked in climate-resilient, sustainable economic development in the African context, supporting public and economic policy that incorporates innovative responses to climate and environmental challenges. Her experiences include local economic development, sustainable development, stakeholder engagement and climate finance. 


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