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OUTLOOK: Kenya Special Edition

Kenya is experiencing droughts, floods and other extreme climate events with increasing frequency. This has been reflected not only in the findings of the Fifth Assessment Report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), but also by the country’s electorate, which has called on government to act. The Government of Kenya has initiated several high-level responses, including the development of the NCCAP and the 2014 Climate Change Authority Bill, which will establish a Climate Change Council within the office of the President as well as a fund to facilitate mitigation and adaptation efforts.

CDKN has been working in partnership with government, the private sector and civil society in Kenya to prevent climate impacts from constraining growth and development, and to ensure that Kenyans can take advantage of low-carbon climate-resilient development opportunities. This Outlook Newsletter – Kenya Special Edition, showcases the work being done in Kenya to strengthen the country’s climate resilience and the response to the extreme climate events.

This special edition newsletter features:

  • The stories behind Kenya’s flower sector – a £350 million industry – and how a CDKN-supported project is helping farmers gain a competitive edge in the global market by developing accounting and management solutions for greenhouse gas emissions, energy efficiency and water use.
  • A project that responded to frequently asked questions on climate change issues received from Kenya’s private sector.
  • How geothermal expansion is central to Kenya’s vision of becoming a middle-income country by 2030.
  • Thoughts from Carl Wesselink, CDKN Africa Regional Director, on the future pathway for climate compatible development on the continent.

Download the newsletter here.