Fact Sheets: Low carbon scenario analysis for Pakistan

Fact Sheets: Low carbon scenario analysis for Pakistan

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Author: CDKN Asia
Countries: Asia, Pakistan

These sectoral fact sheets, developed as part of the 'Pakistan Low Carbon Scenario Analysis' project conducted with the support of the CDKN, highlight options that have been identified and quantified for their potential to reduce GHG emissions levels between now and 2030.

The fact sheets cover the sectors of Energy (use and demand), Agriculture, Forestry, Industry, Waste, and Transportation.  These options are identified for their alignment with existing Pakistan action and policy (including Vision 2025), their cost effectiveness and their ability to promote substantial reductions of GHG emissions between now and 2030.  These options were also vetted with stakeholders in Pakistan to confirm their viability as realistic options for implementation the country.

Agriculture Sector Pakistan
Energy Sector Pakistan
Forestry Sector Pakistan
Industry Sector Pakistan
Residential, Commercial and Agriculture Energy Sector Pakistan
Transport Sector Pakistan
Waste Sector Pakistan  

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