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POLICY BRIEF: Pakistan low carbon scenario analysis

Pakistan is a developing country that is impacted by climate change, while being a small contributor to global GHG emissions. However, national emissions will increase with population, economic, industrial and urban growth. Appropriate low-carbon interventions can help to ensure that Pakistan remains a low emitter as the country develops, without hampering growth. To determine what this future could look like, there is an urgent need to improve the evidence base surrounding GHG emissions and mitigation options in Pakistan.

The purpose of this Low Carbon Scenario Analysis project conducted with the support of the Climate and Development Knowledge Network (CDKN) was to improve this evidence base through activities designed to:

  • Improve understanding of low-carbon options – identification of priority opportunities for low-carbon development; and
  • Improve mitigation planning – creation of the evidence base for INDCs, national communications, GHG inventory, Biennial Update Reports, Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Actions (NAMAs) and REDD+ actions.

This document provides a condensed summary of the Low-Carbon Scenarios Analysis project, highlighting two critical parts of this project: the development of a reference case for emissions, as well as the identification of options for Pakistan to reduce its GHG emissions across key sectors.

Picture courtesy: Abbas Mushtaq

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