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INFOGRAPHIC: Climate data for the Caribbean

Governments in the Caribbean have identified climate variability and change as the most significant threat to continued development in the region. Given the scale of the climate challenge, decision makers need effective tools and methods to help integrate climate change considerations into their existing planning and investment processes. One important aspect of this is having access to good quality, locally relevant climate change data.

The CARibbean Weather Impacts Group (CARIWIG) project, funded by the Climate and Development Knowledge Network (CDKN), provides open access to climate data that has been downscaled, making it relevant for use in the Caribbean region. The project has created an infographic demonstrating the benefits of using climate data in the region, and some of the project’s findings from doing so.

You can download the high-res pdf from the sidebar of this page or here (1.82 MB)

You can download the low-res pdf here (1.01 MB)

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Picture: Ian Mackenzie 

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