WORKING PAPER: Drivers and challenges for climate compatible development

WORKING PAPER: Drivers and challenges for climate compatible development

What does it take to design and deliver climate compatible development? Policies and institutions for climate compatible development are always part of a larger policy landscape; they are subject to numerous external drivers and influences. As the CDKN Guide to Green Growth suggests, it is important for planners and decision-makers to consider “drivers of competitiveness, local political context, private sector reactions, the complexities of the international political process, the ability to secure funding for implementation and the impacts on trade and financial flows."

This working paper, Drivers and challenges for climate compatible development, considers some of the various drivers behind countries’ climate compatible development strategies and their incentives for engaging on this agenda. It also looks some of the challenges and disincentives to promoting climate compatible development reforms and considers some of the options for overcoming these.

The paper suggests five interconnected socio-political drivers of progress on climate compatible development, based on the literature and on CDKN’s experience to date. The drivers and challenges will vary substantially between countries, so there is no ‘one size fits all’ approach.

Driver 1: A recognised need at the national level to adapt to climate change in order to bolster resilience, achieve growth and reduce poverty.
Driver 2: A need for energy security and natural resource efficiency.
Driver 3: A desire to capitalise on new economic opportunities.
Driver 4: A desire to improve access to climate finance and aid.
Driver 5: Strong government leadership

This document is available to downloads as a PDF in EnglishFrench, and Spanish


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