Climate resilient development: experience from an African capacity development programme

Climate resilient development: experience from an African capacity development programme

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Author: Eldis
Organisation: Eldis

This learning brief presents insights and lessons learned from a capacity development programme on water security and climate resilient development covering eight countries in Africa – Burkina Faso, Burundi, Cameroon, Ghana, Mozambique, Rwanda, Tunisia and Zimbabwe. The programme engaged some 140 participants and 30 lecturers/mentors, and held over 50 workshops. Large investments were made in the development of learning material in three languages (English, French and Portuguese), the establishment of national management and lecturing units, and building a strong sense of programme ownership in each country.

The capacity to promote water security and integrate climate change considerations into national planning processes is still limited in most of the eight countries. However, following the implementation of this programme, much has been learned by individual participants, their home institutions, and engaged lecturers, and there are now many ongoing initiatives that promote the inclusion of climate change considerations in national development efforts. There is great scope both to extend the programme for several more rounds in the same countries, and to expand to other countries. With significant efforts already invested into the development of learning materials and training of trainers (ToT), the cost per participant will be much reduced in future new programmes.

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