OUTLOOK: Rwanda Special Edition

OUTLOOK: Rwanda Special Edition

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Organisation: SouthSouthNorth
Countries: Africa, Rwanda

This edition of Climate and Development Outlook focuses on climate compatible development in Rwanda. For several years now, the Government of Rwanda has shown sustained efforts to integrate environmental concerns into core national development policies. In this Outlook we discuss both the challenges and opportunities that climate change presents for Rwanda. We tell the story of a Government that is moving from grappling with strategy and policy at a national level, to the practical challenges of implementing sustainable development at the budgetary, sectoral and district levels. Our particular focus:

  • The importance of understanding the impacts of climate change on national development.
  • The collaborative effort that led to the identification of ‘big wins’ as key focus points for the national Green Growth and Climate Resilience Strategy.
  • The design and implementation of FONERWA - a national funding mechanism for green growth initiatives that serves the national development agenda and meets the requirements for international climate finance.

Rwanda is one of thirteen countries in which CDKN has a substantial programme to support climate compatible development.

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