OUTLOOK: Edition one, November 2012

OUTLOOK: Edition one, November 2012

CDKN’s quarterly newsletter ‘Climate and Development Outlook’ highlights CDKN’s projects around the world, featuring our work to support climate compatible development.

This inaugural edition presents some of CDKN's work supporting developing country governments across three continents, from building climate resilience through lesson sharing in Africa, to innovative city-level climate action in Quito.

The newsletter leads with the story of how CDKN is supporting the Caribbean Community Climate Change Centre to develop a detailed Implementation Plan for the CARICOM climate change strategy and roadmap. CDKN is involved at regional and national levels, supporting selected countries to implement the strategy.

In the negotiations arena, CDKN is managing the implementation of a UK government initiative to foster the least developed and most vulnerable countries in international climate talks, in the run up to CoP-17 in Durban and beyond.

And from Africa we look at the team of scientists working to analyse and interpret data for the World Climate Research Programme's Coordinated Regional Downscaling Experiment (CORDEX).  By supporting this project, CDKN is not only building the capacity of African scientists, but also helping African decision makers to plan more effectively for future climate impacts.

Read these stories and more by downloading the Outlook newsletter to the right.

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