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Climate and Development Outlook: Rwanda: Pioneering steps towards a climate resilient green economy

This paper focuses on climate compatible development in Rwanda and the challenges and opportunity which the country faces in working on it . The authors describe a government that is moving from grappling with strategy and policy at a national level, to the practical challenges of implementing sustainable development at the budgetary, sectoral and district levels. Particular areas explored include:

  • The importance of understanding the impacts of climate change on national development.
  • The collaborative effort that led to the identification of ‘big wins’ as key focus points for the national Green Growth and Climate Resilience Strategy.
  • The design and implementation of FONERWA – a national funding mechanism for green growth initiatives that serves the national development agenda and meets the requirements for international climate finance and aid flow.
  • Rwanda is one of thirteen countries in which CDKN has a substantial programme to support climate compatible development.

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