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China and south-south scoping assessment for adaptation, learning and development

This report, produced by Adapting to Climate Change in China amongst others, identifies key opportunities and avenues for South-South learning and cooperation to address climate change, is a critical tool for international development organisations, national governments and policy-makers. It outlines how best to channel resources to share China’s and developing countries’ experiences of integrating climate adaptation into the development process, thereby facilitating developing countries’ improved adaptation, learning from each other and avoiding the risk of maladaptation to climate change. The report also provides clear and defined ‘signposts’ and recommendations for the future of China-South-South adaptation, learning, and development, upon which pragmatic and effective strategies and activities can be based, which will benefit South-South regions, countries and communities.

The report concludes that all participant countries could benefit from South-South learning and collaboration with China on climate compatible development and adaptation. But to enable them to do this, several areas were identified which need strengthening, further improvement and project implementation, and significant gaps which need to be addressed. Two of the strongest recommendations that came from the study were that work should be demand-driven, and that funding needs to be targeted at long-term sustainability if adaptation is to be successful. International development agencies and governments are in a strong position to assist in facilitating the recommendations and opportunities stated in this report, and to channel resources in a focused way for the benefit, not only of the ten identified countries and China, but also for all South-South regions, countries and communities.

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