CDKN writing workshop materials

CDKN writing workshop materials

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Author: CDKN Global
Tags: education, public climate policy

CDKN's  Masters Research Award aims to assist early career researchers on climate change and development issues in learning new skills and tapping into practitioner networks, and in particular to enable masters students to build substantively on the opportunities provided by the Action Lab (April 2011).  Two writing workshops were held in September 2011 to support the students in producing research and policy briefing papers.

Workshop 1 – How to write a policy briefing paper & a blog

This was an interactive session on the research-policy interface, where workshop participants were taught how to identify their target audience and develop a communications strategy. There was also a short session on writing blogs.

Other useful links

Workshop 2 – Writing and publishing an academic journal article

The second writing workshop looked at how to produce an academic article including: brainstorming, presenting and structuring your ideas; approaching the right journal; and understanding what editors are looking for. You can watch a video of the workshop, in several parts, here:

Writing an academic journal article (presented by Phil Race): 

Please also see the Writing an academic article powerpoint used during this workshop.

Getting published (presented by Thomas Downing, CEO of the Global Climate Adaptation Partnership):

You can view the whole playlist here.

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