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FILM: CDKN in conversation… with Claudia Martinez Zuleta, CDKN Colombia

Claudia Martinez Zuleta, CDKN’s country leader for Colombia, speaks about Colombia’s vulnerability to climate change and the opportunities for climate compatible development. Cartegena, a city facing threats from extreme flooding, presents an interesting case study for climate compatible development.

The complex challenges faced by Colombia as a result of its diverse ecosystem also present unique opportunities. The range of programmes in place to adapt to many situations, different ecosystem impacts and a wide range of people focus on safe-guarding the livelihoods of Colombians and key industries. Colombia also lacks infrastructure, so the government is investing in one that is both resilient and cost-effective to support the needs of Colombians.

Claudia is interviewed by Mairi Dupar, CDKN Global Public Affairs Co-ordinator, as part of the ‘CDKN in conversation’ video series.

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