FILM: Climate compatible development: voices for change

FILM: Climate compatible development: voices for change

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Author: CDKN Global

CDKN's country leaders describe climate compatible development initiatives from India, Peru, Uganda, Colombia and Nepal. They discuss how climate compatible development can provide jobs and improve access to healthcare and education while addressing climate related issues and improving climate resilience for the future.

We hear from Mihir Bhatt of CDKN India, Maria Paz Cigaran of CDKN Peru, Dr. Revocatus Twinomuhangi of CDKN Uganda, Claudia Martinez Zuleta of CDKN Colombia and Ram Chandra Khanal of CDKN Nepal, as well as Pippa Heylings, CDKN's Policy and Planning Lead and Sam Bickersteth, CDKN's Chief Executive. Each country leader provides an insight into how climate compatible development initiatives, implemented at local, subnational and national levels, is building momentum towards action on an ambitious global consensus.

If you're interested in what our global team has to say, watch them talking about the gender dimension to climate compatible development here.

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