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FILM: The gender dimension to climate compatible development

CDKN’s global team discuss the disproportionate effects of climate change on women and the necessity to include a gender dimension in the planning process of climate compatible development.

Although gender issues are critical for development, climate change is making it harder to address gender inequality. We hear from Robi Redda of CDKN Ethiopia, Mihir Bhatt of CDKN India, Dr. Revocatus Twinomuhangi of CDKN Uganda, Mochamad Indrawan of CDKN Indonesia and Pippa Heylings, CDKN’s Policy and Planning Lead. They discuss how imperative it is for women to be involved in decision-making and creating positive policy to address gender inequality, particularly with regards to access to opportunities and resources.

If you’re interested in what our global team has to say, watch them talking about opportunities for climate compatible development here.


Image credit: Neil Palmer/CIAT

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