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"The big opportunities for implementing the Nationally Determined Contribution are first at a sectoral level: energy, forestry sector, transport." Margaret Kamau, CDKN Senior Strategic Advisor, Kenya

CDKN supported the Government of Kenya to develop policies related to the National Climate Change Action Plan, to raise awareness, and to bring key players together. Since then, Kenya has taken steps towards instituting a robust legal and institutional framework, including the mainstreaming of climate change into the Vision 2030 and Medium Term Plan (MTP2). CDKN supported the technical analysis and stakeholder consultations for the development of Kenya’s Intended Nationally Determined Contribution (INDC) to the UNFCCC. This work helped to document progress in implementing the national adaptation plan and to mainstream climate action in different sectors. CDKN has also supported the development of a geothermal energy prospectus for Kenya: to enable the country to benefit from this abundant renewable energy source. The prospectus has high-level buy in from the Ministry of Energy and may be used as an information and communications tool to attract further investment.

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