PROJECT: Using climate finance to upscale the Ethiopian National Biogas Programme – a biogas NAMA

PROJECT: Using climate finance to upscale the Ethiopian National Biogas Programme – a biogas NAMA

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Project detail:
Status: Completed
Countries: Africa, Ethiopia
Themes: Green growth
Tags: biogas, NAMA

This project developed a Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Action (NAMA) for the Biogas sector that explores options to upscale the NBP through access to international climate finance. The NAMA met the requirements for submission to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) registry. It provided a financing instrument that facilitates farmers’ access to capital to help cover high up-front investment costs of installing biogas digesters and related infrastructure. The NAMA have also incentivised the use of bio-slurry to improve degraded soils and increase agricultural productivity.

The NAMA was developed though a participatory process that involves all relevant stakeholders. This innovation process has four phases:

  • Conducting a situational analysis on biogas experiences, key stakeholders and review of policy and institutions, as preparation for the NAMA concept note. This will include facilitated focus group discussions using participatory analytical methods with stakeholders (including community groups) that were affected by and implementers of the NBP pilots to draw out lessons from practice
  • Multi-stakeholder review and strategy negotiation bringing together policy makers, community members and content experts to develop an effective strategy for scaling up the NBP
  • Development of NAMA concept note based on the input. UNFCCC guidance will be considered to meet requirements for submission to the NAMA registry and potential donors
  • Consultation on the draft concept note using participatory action research approaches and finalisation of concept note for submission to the UNFCC registry

This Project was submitted for Round 2 of CDKN’s Innovation Fund. The fund is designed as open and competitive to provide fast-moving support for innovative initiatives in the field of climate change and development. For Innovation Fund projects, lead applicants must include African institutions, preferably government institutions, and must present ‘game-changing’ ideas.

Lead: Environmental Protection Authority of the Federal Democratic Republic Ethiopia (EPA)

Project Partners: Addis Ababa University, Ecofys and Participatory NRM

Duration: 3 months, starting March 2013

Funding: £97 151