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PROJECT: Supporting low emissions development planning in Peru

Project Reference: TALA-0027A

CDKN provided in-depth support to low carbon development in Peru (Climate-Change Plan), specifically through the Mitigation Action Plans and Scenarios (MAPS) process, which constitutes Phase 1 of the CCPlan.

CDKN´s support was divided into two stages. Stage one included four activities to ensure the success of the MAPS process:

1. Updating the national Greenhouse Gas (GHG) inventory in order to have quality initial information for modelling

2. Training researchers and governmental counterparts on inventories and modelling, to build in-house capacity, ensure homogenous knowledge and ensure the quality of the research work

3. Creating a baseline study on public awareness, that will allow the measurement of the impact of the process in adding a new climate compatible and low-carbon perspective amongst key stakeholders

4. Developing a strategy and action plan for knowledge management.

Stage two was  scoped at the latter stage.

CDKN in Latin American Countries (LAC) aims to provide thought leadership on key areas. This is an opportunity for convening a regional learning platform on the role of MAPS within a Climate Compatible Development (CCD) planning process, and how to integrate adaptation into the MAPS methodologies.

CDKN funding: £118,000

Project Manager: Monica Andrade


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