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PROJECT: Mainstreaming adaptation to climate change in the transport sector in Colombia – Vulnerability assessment of the national primary road network

Project Reference: TALA-0028f

This project aimed to provide the Ministry of Transport and the Ministry of Environment of Colombia with a vulnerability and risk analysis of the national level primary road system.

The supplier delivered vulnerability and risk analysis of the Colombian primary road network using available national and regional climate change scenarios. The results of the vulnerability analysis are compatible with the requirements of the Environmental Information System of Colombia and with other platforms defined by the Ministry of Transport.

The vulnerability analysis has formed the basis of pilot projects on the primary road network.

To achieve this, the following activities were completed:

  • The units of analysis used to perform the vulnerability study were defined.

The roads of the primary road network, including roads built in the first, second, third and fourth generation of public roadbuilding, form the units of analysis. These, in turn, fall within the watershed areas that are in the country.

  • The indicators of exposure, sensitivity, adaptive capacity and risk to climate change for the primary road network was defined and integrated in the vulnerability analysis.
  • The ranges of measurement for qualification or calculation of the indicators was defined.
  • The vulnerability analysis was performed and presented through thematic maps.


  • An Excel database with exposure, sensitivity, adaptive capacity and risk data.
  • The vulnerability analysis report and executive summary.

Suppliers: CDKN Colombia

Partners: Claudia Martinez

CDKN funding: £70,000

Picture: Neil Palmer (CIAT)

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