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PROJECT: Learning network on the uptake of climate and disaster risk assessments

Project Reference: RSGL-0031

The overall purpose of the project was to better achieve informed decisions on disaster risk management and climate change adaptation through a more adequate uptake of disaster and climate risk assessments. Specifically, the project examined these three central questions:

  • What are the most pervasive factors and contexts that explain the production of disaster and climate risk assessments?
  • What are the critical drivers that explain the uptake of climate and disaster risk assessments?
  • How can national and regional stakeholders work to strengthen them?

The project explored these questions through assessment and systematic review of existing disaster risk management and climate change adaptation policies and practices across the Latin America and Caribbean region and the extent to which these utilise data on climate, vulnerability and exposure, as well as the tools and methods used for translating this information into policies and investment decisions. Constraints to and options for improving the use of risk information in decision-making will be further explored and experiences shared through a regional workshop.


  1. Regional learning workshop through which regional stakeholders discussed the barriers to uptake and use of risk assessments in policy options.
  2. National learning workshop
  3. Final synthesis report

Suppliers: Facultad Latinoamericana de Ciencias Sociales (FLACSO)

Partners: Mr. Adrian Bonilla Soria, Mr. Allan Lavell, Mr. Alonso Brenes Torres

CDKN funding: £66,989.50

Picture: Curt Carnemark / World Bank

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