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PROJECT: Frameworks for water security for climate development: Caribbean and South Asia regions

Project Reference: TAGL-0011

The regional Frameworks support high-level commitments and aspirations of the Caribbean and South Asia regions to increase investment in water security and climate resilient development. The Frameworks provide guidance on how to integrate water security and climate resilience into development planning and investment decision-making processes, with an emphasis on “no-low regrets” investments.

The regional specific Frameworks provide a strategic approach to climate resilient decision-making and include details on concepts, tools and methods to ensure climate resilient development in prioritised in development planning processes. The Frameworks are relevant to a wide range of water resource dependent sectors, including drinking water supply and sanitation, agriculture, energy, environment, health, tourism, industry, mining and others.


Suppliers: HR Wallingford

Partners: George Woolhouse, Nigel Walmsley, Steven Wade, International and regional experts

CDKN funding: £354,000

Picture: Asian Development Bank

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