Climate-proofing water investment in the Caribbean

Climate-proofing water investment in the Caribbean

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Project detail:
Status: Completed

The purpose of this project was to mainstream climate compatible development into core decision making and implementation within the water sector in the Caribbean region through the development of a Regional Water Security Investment Plan and the identification and screening of potential pilot projects that can be taken forward for climate proofing. This twin track approach provides both strategic and programmatic planning to underpin investment in water security as well as short term demonstrable benefits through progressing the climate proofing of two pilot projects.

Overall objectives:

  1. Through uptake of the Water Security Investment Plan, decisions makers have an increased understanding an commitment to low/no-regrets investment for climate compatible development and are able to take a more coordinated approach to raising finance.
  2. Financial Resources are mobilised and leveraged at scale to enhance/support water security and climate resilient development.
  3. Potential pilot projects are identified to be taken forward for climate-proofing, through which a compelling case will be made for changing business as usual models for investment in water infrastructure projects.

Suppliers: HR Wallingford Ltd.

Partners: Dr. Nigel Walmsley, George Woolhouse, John Firth, Darren Lumbroso, Olivia Palin, Roberto Martin Hurtado, Merylyn Hedger and Camille Roopnarine

Project Value: £159,955

Picture: praline3001