PROJECT: Gender Hub - Training on Gender Integrated Planning

PROJECT: Gender Hub - Training on Gender Integrated Planning

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Project detail:
Status: Completed
Countries: Asia, India

Gender impacts of climate change have been identified as an issue requiring greater attention by the Commission on the Status of Women (CSW).1 Gender considerations in climate change policies and programmes can help develop policy interventions that are beneficial to both women and men.

CDKN has supported gender inclusiveness through various interventions; whether its developing policy briefs for mainstreaming gender in State-level Action Plans on Climate Change in India or conducting research on the gender-sensitive approach required for driving climate compatible development (CCD). To ensure the gender dimension of climate change is also mainstreamed within CDKN’s programme, to increase the integration of gender in CDKN's existing projects and programmes, and to support new initiatives focusing on gender, CDKN has now piloted a ‘gender hub’ approach in India.

This project in partnership with WOCAN (Women Organising for Change in Agriculture) trained individuals in charge of planning processes in CDKN projects and organizations, assisted them to understand gender issues and address these in the planning process. It provided participants with knowledge of systematically using gender analysis tools for gathering of gender-sensitive data and effectively integrating gender into plans and M&E practices, in a meaningful and results –driven manner.

The project integrated gender planning into project design and implementation for the following ongoing CDKN projects in India:

Learning exercises resulting from this pilot project involve extensive sharing of experiences and the cross fertilization of ideas. With similarities in project cycles, as such many ideas and actions can be utilized across most CCD projects.

1. Fifty-second session of the Commission on the Status of Women, 25 February to 7 March 2008 (

CDKN Funding: £ 39,000