Project : ESMAP: The Lighting Africa Programme

Project : ESMAP: The Lighting Africa Programme

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Project detail:
Status: Completed

The Energy Sector Management Assistance Program (ESMAP): Lighting Africa Programme is a joint World Bank and International Finance Corporation initiative, which works as a catalyst to ensure that quality off-grid lighting products are accessible to energy-poor households in several regions of the continent. Lighting Africa piloted its programme in Kenya and Ghana, and is now working in Tanzania, Ethiopia, and Senegal.

CDKN supported Lighting Africa’s expansion into Nigeria. Nigeria is the largest potential off-grid lighting market in Africa, but facing a number of policy and market constraints which need to be addressed to allow the market to function.

The project aimed to develop a self-sustained off-grid lighting market to reduce the use of poor fuel (e.g. kerosene) for lighting purposes and to enhance access to electricity in a safe way. CDKN funds were used to support three main components of the program: Market Intelligence; Policy and Regulatory Support; and Consumer Awareness. Two studies have been undertaken: (i) Consumer Education Market Research Brief by Market Trends Limited and (ii) Market Research Brief by IT Power. This has helped to lay the groundwork for policy discussions and possible regulatory interventions as well as for designing a Lighting Africa program specifically for Nigeria. Following the outcomes of the studies, a consumer awareness campaign was developed and launched to increase demand for LA approved products. Furthermore, a Lantern Library Program has been developed for schools to provide LA approved products to students on rotating basis for the purposes of their studies. Through the implementation of these two activities, LA has increased consumer awareness and the use of solar lighting products. It is anticipated that this will help to influence key personnel from targeted institutions to agree on the need for changes in facilitating the use and the distribution of high quality lighting solar products in Nigeria.

CDKN funding: £370,000

Image courtesy of 'Brad Bell' - Solar Aid