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PROJECT: Ecosystems-based approaches to building resilience in urban areas: Making the case for a framework for smart decision-making criteria

Project Reference: AAGL-0017d

Local Governments for Sustainability – Africa (ICLEI Africa) in partnership with the eThekwini Municipality in Durban drew together stakeholders from five major cities in Southern Africa.

Through innovation phases the project has:

  • Improved communication and collaboration between local authorities, researchers, academics, thought leaders and other stakeholders around EbA; and
  • Enabled the global operationalisation of the Durban Adaptation Charter – establishing a community of practice amongst signatories, and increasing capacity to prioritize the role of functioning ecosystems

The project outputs include:

  • A background paper, building a bridge between science and policy by presenting appropriate background information, definitions, good practice review and recommendations on prioritising ecosystem-based approaches to building resilience in urban areas
  • A workshop report that documents the innovative process, and provides learning materials to guide these cities in developing their own preliminary protocols for adaptation planning workshops
  • A “framework” identifying the indicators for local government actions that are supportive of sustainable management, restoration of ecosystems, and related job creation, and are prioritised for effective climate change adaptation and disaster risk reduction (especially in relation to water security)
  • A learning platform/network through the DAC web-portal on urban Ecosystem-based approaches

This Project was submitted for Round 2 of CDKN’s Innovation Fund. The fund is designed as open and competitive to provide fast-moving support for innovative initiatives in the field of climate change and development. For Innovation Fund projects, lead applicants must include African institutions, preferably government institutions, and must present ‘game-changing’ ideas.

Budget: £86 470

Timeframe: 6 months, Jan 2013 – Aug 2013

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