Project : Assisting Ghana to deliver climate compatible development

Project : Assisting Ghana to deliver climate compatible development

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Project detail:
Status: Completed
Countries: Africa, Ghana
Tags: planning

In 2010, the Government of Ghana requested CDKN to help develop a high-level statement of Ghana’s current position on climate change, and outline its intended future direction.

CDKN assisted the Government in producing a discussion document that formed the first step in developing a National Climate Change Policy Framework (NCCPF) for Ghana. The document assessed the current position of Ghana’s climate change policy, posed some questions for  future policy development, and presented potential options to address these. It is hoped that the discussion document will pave the way for developing a more comprehensive NCCPF document post-Cancun. Find the NCCPF summary here.

CDKN also supported the mapping and analysis of climate and development initiatives in Ghana to help the Government, development partners and other stakeholders coordinate their development projects and programmes and prioritise their focus (available here). The mapping was carried out by the Energy Research Centre of the Netherlands (ECN). It demonstrates that Ghana's engagement with climate change dates back 15 years, with most current intiatives related to forestry and REDD. An associated brief for decision makers gives practical guidance on choosing and designing new climate change related activities in Ghana.

Mapping of climate and development research is also underway in Ghana. This will assess current knowledge to inform future research on climate change and development in the country.

CDKN funding: £60,000

Previous publications by ECN on topics related to climate change and low-carbon development in Ghana include:

Photo credit: Gates Foundation.