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PROJECT: AMCOW Capacity Building – Building capacity for climate resilient decision-making in water investments

Project Reference: TAAF-0039

Through consultation with WACDEP and the Global Water Partnership, the elected supplier, NIRAS has:

  • Developed a training course on the skills and knowledge required for no/low regret investment strategies in water-related development planning
  • Coordinated the design, translation, printing and web dissemination of course materials
  • Subcontracted, train and manage regional and national Capacity Building Teams to deliver the course to end users

This project built directly on TAAF-0026, Global Water Partnership: Framework for Water and Climate Development Programme. The previous project designed a strategic framework to help senior professionals and decision-makers identify and develop ‘no or low regret’ investment strategies, integrate these into planning processes, and influence future development activities to become more resilient to climate change and variability. This project funded the implementation of the Capacity Development work package of TAAF-0026. It has deepened the knowledge of methods and concepts outlined in the GWP Framework and supporting technical documents.

For more information:

Funding: £500 000

Timeframe: 2 years, starting Jan 2013

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Project Highlights

FEATURE: Seeking capacity development results

How can capacity development best be organised to generate good results? Klas Sandström of Niras looks at a CDKN-supported water project where over 130 professionals increased their capacity in climate resilient planning and a Pan-Africa network in climate adaptation work was established.