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PROJECT: Acting together for bold outcomes – support for upcoming meeting of like-minded countries in Mexico

Project Reference: ADGL-0011

This project supported a meeting in Mexico of like-minded countries who are working for an ambitious climate change deal. The support provided by CDKN was for the workshop itself and related documents, and acted as a springboard for further work to build an alliance of ambition that cuts across Latin American and African countries, small islands states and least developed countries.

The work included:

1. Preparation and facilitation of the workshop including coordination of logistics, the venue and invitations to all participants.

2. Development of preparatory documentation. This involved preparing presentations on the UNFCCC workplan and issues, on the project bridge building and scale enhancing philosophy: the basics of acting together for bold outcomes, economics of boldness, and opportunities for alliances across middle income countries.

3. Preparation of a Wikipage.

4. Preparation of any potential drafts of position and workplan documentation.

5. The definition of a commonly agreed monitoring and evaluation scheme. This involved input from participants and heads of delegations: results from the discussions which can be shared, a description of the sense of the debate and actions contrasted with actions at the UNFCCC; and workplan documents.

6. A trip to Central America and Andes to meet with Ministers in El Salvador, Central America and Peru to explore the integration of mitigation and adaptation policy, and;

7. A report with supporting activities, results from position papers and key issues, as described above, support evidence and action plan.

The outcome of the workshop was the agreement of least developed, most climate vulnerable and African countries to work together with middle income, progressively minded parties, to explore and agree joint positions on international climate change issues

CDKN funding: £30,000

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