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FEATURE: The India-UK partnership on energy and green growth

Over the last decade, the UK government has been collaborating with the Indian government, companies and cities on energy and green growth issues through the cross-government Energy, Climate and Growth Unit based in Delhi. These programmes have helped improve India’s energy security and access, deepened research partnerships, increased the flow of investments in renewable energy and supported India’s low-carbon, climate resilient transition.

To make this knowledge accessible, the outputs of the Energy, Climate and Growth Unit have been collated into four briefs which tell the story of India-UK collaboration in these areas and provide links to the individual reports and websites*.

These are summarised below:

  • Making India’s green growth market work – India is growing fast. Energy and urban infrastructure is central to sustaining India’s growth. To support delivery of this vision, the India-UK partnership commissioned work to increase the evidence base and stimulate policy discussions on green growth. This brief sets out the India-UK partnership on green growth, which resulted in the co-creation of sustainable policies, reforms and partnerships. In turn, this led to significant investments from both countries.
    Making renewable energy markets work –  In 2015, India set its renewable energy targets to an ambitious 175GW by 2022. The India-UK partnership supported the development of a concrete and comprehensive roadmap of policy and regulatory reforms and market development that helped make this possible. This brief sets out the projects that helped India commit to and now deliver these ambitious targets.
  • Making Indian cities climate smart – The challenge of delivering climate smart development in India will largely be played out in Indian cities over the next 30 years. Part of India’s policy response to the need for sustainable, resilient and low-carbon cities is the Smart City Mission. The India-UK partnership on Smart Cities for Growth has been focusing on bringing national and international expertise on urban planning, designing and building smart cities. Cities that will stimulate green growth, create jobs and improve resilience in Indian cities.
  • Making energy efficiency markets work – Energy efficiency is the lowest cost way of meeting India’s energy needs and enabling India to decouple growth from emissions. India and the UK worked together to stimulate demand energy efficiency services. This paper presents the output of India-UK energy efficiency partnership, including: commissioning of advocacy, technical assistance and outreach initiatives targeting buildings, standards and labelling, demand side management, and industrial efficiency, and energy efficiency financing.

*Each brief provides links to the final reports of the project initiatives. To read and download the final reports, click on the relevant links. Please note that each of these projects is an output from an India-UK partnership project. Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of data/information used in these reports. Neither the authors nor CDKN accept any liability for the accuracy or inferences for the material contained in these reports and for any consequences arising from the use of this material.

Project Manager: Aditi Paul, India Country Programme Manager, CDKN

Picture: Knut-Erik Helle

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