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WEBINAR: Cities are moving ahead on climate compatible development

Join us for this webinar on Wednesday 30th September 2015 at 10am Colombia time (COT) / 4pm UK time (BST)

Sorry this webinar is now over but we will post the link to the recording shortly. Please visit again.

Several cities and regions in Latin America and the Caribbean are testing approaches for planning and managing their resources to tackle climate change. This includes initiatives to reduce emissions, adapt to climate change and minimise its negative effects on their economy, society and environment. Cities are testing new models for climate compatible development.

These projects are creating valuable “knowledge capital” among the teams in each location as well as among experts and advisers who manage, implement and monitor activities at different geographic scales (local, national and global). The exchange and transfer of this knowledge is essential for fostering concrete progress. It can help to scale up approaches to climate compatible development.

In this webinar, Maria Jose Pacha, Regional Coordinator for the Knowledge Networks team for CDKN, will share the results of a regional knowledge and learning workshop that took place from 27-29th of July in Quito (Ecuador) and was organised by CDKN and Fundacion Futuro Latinoamericano (FFLA). Teams from 10 projects working on climate compatible development at the city and sub-national level the Caribbean, Colombia, Ecuador, Lima, Bolivia and Argentina shared their experiences, articulated challenges and discussed what climate compatible development means in a Latin American and Caribbean context. Dr Pacha will present major conclusions from the event and answer audience questions in this interactive webinar.


Image credit: Neil Palmer/CIAT for CIFOR


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