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PHOTO STORY: A snapshot of recovery in Cyclone-hit Odisha, India

AIDMI document how villages in Odisha are managing recovery efforts after Cyclone Phailin in October 2013 and how a micro-disaster insurance scheme is helping

In October 2013, Cyclone Phailin battered the eastern coast of India with torrential rain and terrifying winds with wind speed of over 200km per hour. The cyclone affected more than 21 million people and in the coastal states of Odisha and Andhra Pradesh destroyed crops, damaged infrastructure and flattened thousands of houses. However, unlike past cyclones, it did not result in a large number of human losses due to an effective early warning system and India’s biggest ever evacuation operation.

AIDMI is conducting a review of recovery efforts in Puri district, Odisha and in particular examining the impact a micro disaster insurance scheme called Afat Vimo is having. The scheme is managed by a partnership of AIDMI, a local community-based organisation called SWAD and LIC and UIIC insurance communities. It has nearly 100 clients in the state, and with CDKN support the team are building the evidence base to make the case for scaling-up.

The following is a photographic documentation of some of the research being undertaken by AIDMI and a snapshot of what life has been like in these villages over the last year.


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