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EVENT: Join CDKN to discuss climate change and poverty at World Urban Forum


Networking event “Tackling Climate Change and Poverty in Cities: Lessons from CDKN”

Thursday April 10, 2014, 14:00-16:00 (Colombia time, GMT-5)

Red Pavilion, Room 17

Plaza Mayor Convention Center

Medellín, Colombia

Cities around the world are increasingly affected by climate change, which has repercussions in the economic sectors and in vulnerable communities, and magnifies poverty and inequality. Cities are also protagonists in finding solutions to reduce GHG emissions and promoting effective adaptation measures that simultaneously guarantee competitiveness and reduce poverty. A number of cities have decided to step up to this challenge and to prepare for the future by considering climate change and applying a long-term vision of development as key elements in urban planning.

The event will emphasise the link between climate change, poverty and development by highlighting initiatives in Latin America, Asia and Africa. It will allow participants to share insights, best practices, and successful projects and tools that have been used to step up to climate change and development problems and to share the knowledge acquired by CDKN leadership in 74 developing countries. The event will be an opportunity to think about cities of the future, how to reduce poverty and to bring about development in the context of climate change through a dialogue among experts and participants.

Headline speakers at the event are Dionisio Vélez Trujillo, Mayor of the City of Cartagena de Indias, Colombia, and Ali Cambray, CDKN’s Head of Country Support. An international panel will share their experiences from Asia, Africa and Latin America.

Additional benefits of the event

  • Exchange successful experiences in dealing with climate change, poverty and the creation of resilient cities.
  • Consider cities of the future and the responses to poverty in the face of climate change.
  • Generate innovative ideas collectively to build resilient cities and to reduce poverty.
  • Bring together different actors who take action to create resilient cities.


For a detailed agenda of the event, click here.

Bonus activity: “Tree of Ideas for Urban Resilience”

CDKN will create a participatory space to stimulate innovative ideas and best practices in tackling climate change, poverty and creating resilient cities.

Ideas will be collected either the day of the event or before hand via e-mail. Each idea will be expressed on coloured cardboard and hung on the “Tree of Ideas for Urban Resilience”. The tree will be displayed during the World Urban Forum on the 10th and 11th of April and will then be donated to UN-Habitat.

There are two ways to participate:

  • Send your idea ahead of the event. Synthesise the idea in 10 words or less and send it to, including your name, organisation and contact information.
  • Arrive on April 10 and a space will be created to formulate and record your idea.


Note: This event will be bilingual (Spanish-English)

Complete information about the event hosted by CDKN can be found on our web page:


Mathieu Lacoste

Communications Coordinator of CDKN Colombia

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