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NEWS: Renowned investigative journalists highlight the necessity of multi-disciplinary approach for environmental journalism


More than 140 participants from different Latin America countries, among journalists, practitioners, postgraduate students and NGOs members, followed online the webinar “How to convince your editor for investigating Amazonia and climate change subjects”.

The well-known journalists Nelly Luna (El Comercio journal – Peru) and Luz Maria Sierra (Semana magazine – Colombia) explained the subjects from two coincident and complementary approaches, making clear that journalistic job must be multi-disciplinary, especially in environmental issues. Moreover, multi-disciplinary approach is a requirement for journalists to understand correctly and comprehensively the environmental problematic. This way, they will be capable to identify the best angle of the story and “sell” properly the theme to their editor.

According to Luna and Sierra´s point of view, it is very important to overcome the “green” vision usually associated to environmental and climate issues for being an extremely limited approach. This is the reason why journalistic labor demands an incessant search of new sources that help journalists to overcome this limiting approach and, at the same time, to guaranty the most objectivity possible.

This initiative is part of the activities from a capacity building project oriented to investigative journalists from Latin America and the Caribbean, which is led by IPYS (Press and Society Institute) and funded by CDKN, with the support of ICAA initiative of USAID.

You can access to the webinar´s record (Spanish only) through:

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