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FEATURE: Defining the role of the private sector and the facility

5. Private climate finance support: mobilising private sector engagement in climate compatible development

Authors: Shelagh Whitley, Rohan Mohanty, Amal-Lee Amin

Date: August 2012

CFAS summary:

The four country-focused papers map some of the ways in which Germany, Japan, the UK and the US are using public finance to mobilise private finance to support climate-compatible development in developing countries. The research shows that all four countries have extremely different underlying strategies and channels for their private climate finance support. Each paper highlights considerations that need to be addressed if developed countries wish to report private finance flows in their international climate commitments, namely the recurring issue of inconsistent data collection and disclosure across each country and private intermediaries.

Why we recommend this:

The four background notes are relevant to the discussion on resource mobilisation under both the GCF and the Standing Committee, and the role to be played by the private sector in the GCF. They help to better understand the range of private sector financing instruments that countries currently deploy, including demonstrations, enabling policy frameworks, insurance tools and support to small and medium enterprises.

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