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NEWS: CDKN Asia publishes new country and regional snapshots

CDKN has released a set of country and regional snapshots featuring highlights of projects and achievements from Asia over the last quarter.  Snapshots from Bangladesh, India and Pakistan as well as one for the whole South East Asia region aim to share CDKN’s best practices with policy-makers, practitioners and other stakeholders.

In Bangladesh, under CDKN’s Loss and Damage in Vulnerable Countries Initiative the country is creating awareness, increasing the expert pool and developing a technical understanding on this key issue.  The snapshot also features the story of how research is being conducted into the on-ground realities of climate change induced displacement, and gives some of the initial findings.

In India, CDKN supported the recent 13th Delhi Sustainable Development Summit (DSDS).  The snapshot highlights the session on ‘Learning from Green Growth Initiatives’ hosted by CDKN and Asia LEDS partnership.  The positive impact on health outcomes of measures to address heat-health vulnerability in Gujerat is narrated in the story of change.  The snapshot also gives updates of CDKN research projects underway in India, and an important networking and learning event recently held for these research partners.

In Nepal, CDKN is supporting the Government to participate more strategically and proactively with UNFCCC negotiations.  The snapshot describes how this support has placed Nepal in a position to be an effective leader of the LDCs Group within the UNFCCC.  One area in which Nepal is taking on a global leadership role is in its advocacy for locally owned solutions to climate change.  Updates of CDKN projects are also given in the snapshot.

In Pakistan, technical guidelines for climate resilient construction, developed under CDKN’s project with the Punjab Provincial Disaster Management Authority, are now being incorporated into the PDMA’s master plans and piloted in construction of a model village.  The story of change details Pakistan’s growing confidence in international climate change negotiations.  There are also updates on CDKN’s projects to scope a combined work programme on CCD for Pakistan, and to formulate an insurance strategy for disaster-prone vulnerable communities.

In the South East Asia region snapshot, CDKN’s growing programme in Indonesia is highlighted, including a climate finance roadmap project and one to develop a provincial NAMA proposal.  The story of change details the recommendations of a policy brief to promote use of non-motorized transport in tourism hotspot Chiang Mai.  The snapshot also highlights progress on CDKN’s long-held ambition to strengthen the capacity of think tanks in the region to influence and strengthen the CCD policy-making process.

Photo courtesy of Andrew McConnell/Panos Pictures

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