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FEATURE: Climate Finance Advisory Service (CFAS)

What is CFAS?

The Climate Finance Advisory Service (CFAS) offers negotiators, policy makers and advisors in the poorest and most climate vulnerable countries bespoke information and guidance to help them effectively participate in complex global climate finance negotiations.

CFAS is a demand-led service aiming to provide climate finance advice in response to queries. Users of the service will be able to submit queries through the button below.

In 2016, CFAS offers the following services:

  • Real time support to negotiators and rapid response service – the consortium partners provide tailored answers to queries of climate finance negotiators and delegates of developing countries. Confidential queries are welcome. To employ this service, queries may be submitted using the dedicated button below or by personal contact. Read the non-confidential queries that have already been submitted here.
  • Daily briefings at GCF, SCF and AFB meetings – the consortium delivers daily briefings to all attending GCF, SCF and AFB meetings in 2016. These briefings are intended to inform – in a concise and objective manner – developing country representatives who cannot attend, as well as the wider climate finance community around the globe about progress made, main points of discussion and key decisions taken at important climate finance meetings. The briefings will be compiled each day and sent to the CFAS email stakeholder list. Sign up here for the daily briefings. Read the latest daily briefings, here:
  • CFAS briefing, 10 March 2016
  • CFAS briefing, 18 March 2016

CFAS produces a range of policy briefs, guides and newsletters:

  • Read the CFAS policy briefs here (en/sp/fr)
  • Read the newsletters featuring relevant climate finance publications, updates on the climate finance issues and links to relevant sites here (en/sp/fr)

Is CFAS a free service?

Yes, CFAS is a free service provided by a consortium of climate finance and climate negotiation experts, and funded by the Climate and Development Knowledge Network.


Submit a query to CFAS

Who will be responding to my climate finance query?

CFAS is managed by CDKN, in collaboration with a consortium of climate finance experts led by Germanwatch e.V and its partner the Frankfurt School of Finance and Management. Further, a number of climate finance experts from developed and developing countries are supporting the service. Find out more about the experts involved.

Find out more about CFAS by reading our FAQs

Hear Dan Hamza-Goodacre explain more:

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