Webinar on capacity-building for recovering better together; Supporting NDC implementation and enhancement

Webinar on capacity-building for recovering better together; Supporting NDC implementation and enhancement

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Date: 30th September 2020
Author: CDKN Global
Type: News
Tags: capacity-building, Nationally Determined Contributions

Join us this Thursday, October 1st for the first Paris Committee on Capacity Building (PCCB) Network 'Recovering better together' webinar. CDKN, GIZ and the World Resources Institute will be sharing their experiences on capacity building and NDC implementation.

Time: 15:00 - 16:30 CET
Webcast: Webcast link


The COVID-19 outbreak had impacts that have been widely experienced to varying degrees, around the world, across sectors, and among different groups. In many of these cases, they have added a layer of distress on top of previously existing crises, thereby jeopardising the stability of social and economic circumstances, particularly for the most vulnerable. On a brighter side, this crisis has also brought to light encouraging stories of resilience, solidarity, and leadership among local communities, businesses, networks, cities, and nations.


The event aims to bring together a diverse range of stakeholders–capacity-building providers, entities in charge of NDC planning and implementations, and representatives from non-state actors. Bringing in various experiences and perspectives, capacity-building practitioners will provide insights in response to three main questions:

  1. What are existing and emerging capacity-building expertise, needs, and approaches for effective contributions to a more sustainable recovery?
  2. What have been success and failure stories of capacity-building efforts in adapting to the COVID-19 context across different sectors and regions?
  3. How have the adjustments associated with COVID-19 changed the way capacity-building programmes and activities will be designed, delivered, and assessed in the months to follow?


Marzena Chodor (PCCB Co-chair)
Yamide Dagnet (Director, Climate Negotiations at WRI)
Anna Schreyoegg (Head of Programme at GIZ)
Michelle du Toit (Programme manager at CDKN)
Robi Redda (Country Engagement Lead for CDKN, Ethiopia)
Agripina Jenjins Rojas (Advisor to the Climate Change Directorate, Costa Rica)
Mizan R. Khan (Programme Director, LUCCC, Bangladesh)
Noriko Tamiya-Hase (Deputy Director, Office of Market Mechanisms. Ministry of the environment, Japan)
Juliet Meredith (Representative of the UK COP26 Presidency)
Roberta Ianna (Representative of Italy, host of the Pre-COP Summit, PCCB members)


Crispin d’Auvergne (PCCB member)
Jeniffer Hanna (PCCB member)
We look forward to your participation!

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