Transport Toolkit to help plan and implement low emission transport systems

Transport Toolkit to help plan and implement low emission transport systems

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Date: 25th July 2017
Author: CDKN Global
Type: News
Tags: mitigation, infrastructure, national planning, transport

The newly updated Transport Toolkit, from LEDS GP’s Transport Working Group, helps decision-makers, practitioners and stakeholders involved in the transport sector identify the most effective tools to build and implement transport low emission development strategies (LEDS).

Globally, the transport sector is responsible today for approximately 23% of total energy-related carbon dioxide emissions, and its emissions are increasing at a rate faster than that of any other sector. With countries and cities facing a rising need for transport services over the coming decades, governments have a unique opportunity to meet this demand and enable economic growth while minimizing greenhouse gas emissions through the implementation of comprehensive policies, behavioral change, and adoption of energy efficient technologies for the transport sector.

The toolkit supports development planners, technical experts, and decision-makers at national and local levels to plan and implement low emission transport systems that support economic growth.

It features a tool search, information on the key actions necessary to successfully implement a low emission development strategy for the transport sector; details on the Avoid, Shift, Improve (ASI) framework, and examples of actions to implement policy measures.

Find the toolkit here: Transport Toolkit

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