Join the discussion on climate change in Madhya Pradesh, India

Join the discussion on climate change in Madhya Pradesh, India

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Date: 30th December 2014
Author: CDKN Asia
Type: News
Countries: Asia, India
Tags: knowledge management

The new State Knowledge Management Centre on Climate Change in Madhya Pradesh has launched its first online discussion inviting local and international stakeholders and experts to contribute.

The discussion is focused around the State Action Plan on Climate Change (SAPCC) a cross-sectoral strategy for tackling the impacts of climate change. The Centre is interested in getting views and ideas for how to move forward with implementation. In particular the discussion will tackle the following questions:

  • How do we create greater public interest in climate change issues, considering that people at the grassroots are still not aware of climate change?
  • How can people (outside the Government) engage in the implementation of the SAPCC with a view to make it successful?
  • Can the Madhya Pradesh Government raise financial resources for implementing the plan? Is it also possible to demand a separate budgetary allocation for the implementation of the SAPCC?

CDKN is a partner of the Knowledge Management Centre and the online portal which houses relevant and up to date information on climate change in Madhya Pradesh. It’s the first of it’s kind in India and includes research reports, case studies and policies as well as tools for policy-makers and practitioners for mainstreaming climate change into development. CDKN supported the development of a number of policy briefs on the sector specific aspects of the State’s Action Plan. The interactive nature of the portal allows people to pose questions to the Government, and suggest new discussion topics.

Through this first discussion forum, the State seeks to build knowledge on how the state can efficiently implement its vision and strengthen its people against the adverse affects of climate change. It hopes to build links with a wider group of stakeholders who can contribute to the shared objective of tackling climate change. The editors and moderators of this discussion forum will also bring out an edited document to be shared at the end of what we expect to be an engaging discussion.

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