CDKN endorses ICLEI's Local Climate Solutions for Africa Congress 2013

CDKN endorses ICLEI's Local Climate Solutions for Africa Congress 2013

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Date: 9th September 2013
Author: CDKN Africa
Type: News
Organisation: ICLEI
Country: Africa

CDKN is delighted to be an Endorsing Partner for the Local Climate Solutions for Africa 2013 Congress (LOCS 2013) from 30 October to 1 November 2013, hosted by the city of Dar es Salaam together with ICLEI. Entitled “Africa transitioning: embracing urbanisation, responding to change and harnessing opportunities”, the conference serves as a pan-African platform to identify and showcase innovative solutions and opportunities to the challenges of rapid urbanisation, and realistic responses to climate change at the local government level.

Cities in Sub-Saharan Africa are the fastest growing in the world. By 2050, urban dwellers in Africa are projected to increase from 373 million to 1.2 billion and the proportion of urban dwellers in Africa is projected to rise to 50% by 2030 and 65% by 2050. Across Africa, these urbanisation trends present multiple new development opportunities and challenges at the local level, severely increasing pressure on the essential services, infrastructure and natural systems which underpin economies and social well-being. Security and access issues pertaining to water, energy and food are projected to be exacerbated through climate change, most affecting the vulnerable within society. These challenges call for innovative solutions – A transition in Africa towards embracing urbanization, responding to change and harnessing opportunities.

LOCS 2013 will provide a unique opportunity for national government, business, development partners, research agencies, organisations and NGOs to engage directly with relevant African local leaders and experts in the context of building urban climate resilience.

The interlinked and cross-sectoral congress themes will have a strong emphasis on local leadership, financing and accelerated integrated action at the local and sub-national level, underpinned by a special focus on the water-energy-food nexus as pivotal pillars towards addressing climate resilience in Africa.

Alison Cambray, CDKN’s Head of Country Support, will participate in a plenary panel discussion on multilevel governance for low-carbon, resilient local development. The interactive panel discussion is entitled “From international to local: the role of coordination across institutions and different spheres of government working towards climate resilience”. A CDKN-supported project will also be sharing its learning as part of a discussion on the lessons learned from innovative urban planning and policy across Africa. The project, delivered by the Regional Institute for Population Studies (RIPS) at the University of Ghana, used innovative research practices to link researchers, communities and policy makers to help coastal Ghanaians become climate resilient.

The Local Climate Solutions for Africa Congress series provides a unique opportunity for different organisations to engage directly with African local leaders and experts and showcase their commitment towards urban sustainability in Africa. Networks and institutions interested to partner in LOCS 2013 are invited to contact the ICLEI Congress team.


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