'Knowledge navigator' helps to signpost climate and development information

'Knowledge navigator' helps to signpost climate and development information

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Date: 23rd August 2013
Author: CDKN Global
Type: Feature
Tags: climate knowledge brokers, knowledge management

Fatema Rajabali of the Institute of Development Studies, University of Sussex, introduces the Knowledge Navigator, a CDKN-sponsored tool that features on CDKN’s refreshed website, from this week.

How do you best find information about climate change and development?

Given the global nature of climate change, it is no surprise that there are many online resources to support people working on these issues. With the Knowledge Navigator, it no longer matters where people start their search for information. The Knowledge Navigator provides easy access to over 100 other climate change focused knowledge platforms. These platforms host and link to material from more than one institution or source, and are distinct from an institutional website. The Knowledge Navigator tool gives online users a clearer picture of who is posting information on climate change – and what’s available.

What is the Knowledge Navigator?

The Knowledge Navigator is a data set, by category, of more than 100 online climate change platforms from across the world providing knowledge covering adaptation, mitigation and development. The online platforms were selected based on a criteria set by a global steering group, regional partners and thematic experts. Read more about the selection process. The profiles of the selected platforms have been reviewed by the relevant host organisations.

This web-based interactive tool, called a widget, can be embedded on any website providing your visitors with an easy-to-use search tool to help them find the climate change resources they need. CDKN, which sponsored development of the widget, is the latest organisation to feature the Knowledge Navigator on its website.

How does the widget work?

The widget can be embedded on existing websites for free with just two lines of code. It is available in a number of different sizes, based on website requirements, and its colours and styles can be customised to fit in with the design of your website.

On IDS’ project website, you can see a film about how the Knowledge Navigator widget works. If you are a website manager, you can also find out how to install the widget for your website and browse through all the other initiatives that are using it.

The project was developed by IDS with funding from CDKN. The initiative was conceived by the Climate Knowledge Brokers Group.

For more information, please contact: Fatema Rajabali, Climate Change Convenor: f.rajabali@ids.ac.uk


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