Updated Green Climate Fund proposal toolkit, now available

Updated Green Climate Fund proposal toolkit, now available

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Date: 2nd July 2020
Author: CDKN Global
Type: News

Three years after producing the first guide of this kind with CDKN, Acclimatise has now released its latest Green Climate Fund (GCF) Proposal Toolkit 2020. This guide integrates the latest GCF policy changes and funding proposal template v2.0 in order to provide the most recent guidance to project proponents, accredited entities and national designated authorities and help them to navigate the ever-changing GCF project requirements.

The Green Climate Fund (GCF) is the world’s largest fund dedicated to providing finance to projects that fight climate change. It plays a key role in serving the goals under the Paris Agreement to keep average global temperatures below 2°C.

In preparing this new guidance, Acclimatise has drawn on its experience assisting countries and organisations to access GCF funding and supporting the GCF Secretariat to share best practice on developing successful GCF funding proposals.

This toolkit makes the GCF funding requirements and technical terminology digestible for non-experts. It also provides a checklist on how to get started with the preparation of a funding proposal all the way through to the development of a concept note, as well as guidance on how to access GCF support for project preparation.

This toolkit uses a real-life example of a GCF programme to showcase elements of the funding proposal process, and covers:

  • Essentials to know before developing a GCF project such as what does the GCF support? How much and what type of finance is available? What are the roles of different actors to access the GCF? and How can the private sector get involved?
  • Key project design elements including the GCF’s results management framework, environmental and social safeguards, gender policy, indigenous peoples policy, stakeholder consultation and engagement, policy on co-financing, and independent redress mechanism.
  • The latest funding proposal submission template
  • Funding proposal preparation from the elaboration of the climate rationale to the justification of your GCF funding request.
  • The GCF approval process and procedures from concept note submission to project closure.
  • How to get started with the development of a concept note.
  • Support for proposal preparation through the GCF’s Project Preparation Facility to help with feasibility studies, risk assessments and other preparation activities.

This publication is not an official GCF publication, however it has been through a robust review process by internal and external experts.

Download the new publication: Green Climate Fund (GCF) Proposal Toolkit 2020.


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