Expert views on CDKN's NDC Quick-Start Guide

Expert views on CDKN's NDC Quick-Start Guide

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Date: 17th November 2016
Author: CDKN Global
Type: News
Tags: Paris Agreement

Following the launch of our Quick-Start Guide to NDC Implementation, CDKN carried out a number of short interviews with development professionals to look at how different countries are approaching their nationally determined contribution (NDC) commitments. In this post we introduce some of those interviews.

Listen to Ali Tauqeer Sheikh discuss how Pakistan is approaching its national climate plan developed at the Paris Agreement:

“Many of the issues in the NDC are new issues and require institutional capability development and coordination. This is a process the Government of Pakistan has unleashed and we hope it will build momentum. The Quick Start Guide has many useful tips and tools for journalists, civil society actors…far associations, chambers of industry and others.”

Listen to Revocatus Twinomuhangi talk about how Uganda is approaching its NDC:

“The route to implementation of the commitment is first to come up with an implementation plan. Uganda is in the process of enacting a climate change law to facilitate climate action. Implementation of the NDC will take a sectoral approach.”

Hear Maggie Kamau detail how Kenya is approaching its national climate plan under the Paris Agreement:

“Kenya has held a number of stakeholder sessions, consulting them on NDC implementation. The Government has consulted particularly the key mitigation sectors…culminating in the preparation of sectoral reports. The Guide will identify any gaps that exist in the process of NDC Implementation. [With] the five modules, it allows the Government to choose those of interest.”

Hear Ram Chandra Khanal talk about how Nepal is approaching its national climate plan constructed at the Paris Agreement:

“The Government of Nepal has initiated the process of ratifying the Paris Agreement by the Parliament. The Government is developing a low carbon economic development strategy that will open the avenue to work in mitigation and adaptation.”

Listen to Robi Redda discuss how Ethiopia is tackling its NDC:

“To a large extent, Ethiopia’s work since Paris has concentrated on attracting climate finance and developing bankable projects.”

Find out more about the CDKN Quick-Start guide to NDC implementation.

Photo: Neil Palmer (CIAT)

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