Global Innovation Lab for Climate Finance unlocks ideas worth billions

Global Innovation Lab for Climate Finance unlocks ideas worth billions

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Date: 29th August 2016
Author: CDKN Global
Type: News
Tags: climate finance, specific financing mechanisms

In this second video presentation from the workshop ‘South-South Learning Exchange on Developing Bankable Climate Projects’, Jorge Villanueva and Zabreen Hasan of CDKN pose questions to Dario Abramskiehn from the Climate Policy Initiative about the Global Innovation Lab for Climate Finance.

The Global Innovation Lab for Climate Finance is a public-private finance initiative. It aims to source the best ideas to overcome the challenges of accessing climate finance in emerging economies.

“In the lab we do lots of financial modeling about what [climate finance] instruments can deliver on the ground - but what is important is the view of experts on the ground who can poke holes in those ideas to strengthen them,” says Mr. Abramskiehn.

Experts ask provocative questions of the finance instruments proposed, and bring their experience to bear, he explains. If an idea makes it through the vetting process and gets endorsed by the Lab, then its owners gain access to the CPI’s network of financiers.

Watch the interview below:

Shortly after CDKN’s interview, the Lab endorsed four new financial instruments that could unlock billions of dollars in new climate finance.

Watch more videos from this series:

Getting climate finance ready: Insights from Bangladesh and Pakistan


Image (right): solar village, Rwanda, courtesy IIP.

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