CDKN's resource collection

CDKN's resource collection

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This page presents a selection of CDKN's resources, including our brochure, guides and policy briefs.

CDKN Brochure





CDKN Guides

Green growth: implications for
development planning

Croissance verte : implications pour la planification du développement

Crescimento ecológico: implicações para o planeamento do desenvolvimento

Crecimiento verde: implicaciones para la planificación del desarrollo

Tackling exposure:
Placing disaster risk
management at the heart
of national economic
and fiscal policy

CDKN Policy Briefs

Climate change and
poverty reduction

Changements climatiques et réduction de la pauvreté

Alterações climáticas e a redução da pobreza

Cambio climático y reducción de la pobreza

Defining climate
compatible development

Définir le développement compatible avec le climat

Definir desenvolvimento compatível com o clima

Definiendo el Desarrollo Compatible con el Clima

Planning climate compatible
development: lessons
from experience

Is REDD+ an opportunity to support climate compatible development in developing countries?

Moving forward on
climate change planning –
Lessons from Orissa

Shaping the Durban Platform:
Latin America and the
Caribbean in a future
High Ambition Deal

La Plataforma de Durban:
El rol de América Latina y
el Caribe en forjar un acuerdo
climático ambicioso

CDKN Inside Stories

Bangladesh’s Comprehensive
Disaster Management

 How China built the world’s
largest wind power market

 Transforming India into
a solar power

 A new direction in climate
compatible development:
Indonesia’s Forest Moratorium

Climate compatible
development at the
regional level in Mexico:
The Yucatan Peninsula

 From vulnerability to
resilience: Farmer Managed
Natural Regeneration
(FMNR) in Niger

 Working together for REDD+:
Developing a national
readiness strategy in

 Achieving development goals
with renewable energy:
the case of Tanzania

The case for Evergreen
Agriculture in Africa:
Enhancing food security
with climate change adaptation
and mitigation in Zambia

 Making renewable energy affordable: the South Africa Renewables Initiative
 South Africa's municipal integrated development plans

CDKN SREX Summaries

Managing Climate Extremes
and Disasters in Africa:
Lessons from the IPCC
SREX Report

 Managing Climate Extremes
and Disasters in Asia:
Lessons from the IPCC
SREX Report

 Managing Climate Extremes
and Disasters in Latin
America and the Caribbean:
Lessons from the IPCC
SREX Report

CDKN Newsletters

Climate and Development Outlook – a newsletter from CDKN, November 2011

 Climate and Development
Outlook – a newsletter
from CDKN, February 2012

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