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INFOGRAPHIC: Risk of failure to achieve the SDGs under a high- or low-ambition climate agreement

This year, governments will agree post-2015 sustainable development goals and a new global climate agreement. Together, these could set the course for environmental sustainability and human wellbeing to 2030 and beyond. These agreements together offer a once-in-a generation opportunity to end extreme poverty and set the world on a pathway toward a zero net carbon and climate-resilient society.

A high ambition climate agreement that provides a clear policy framework for action on climate change, incentivises international cooperation, and mobilises additional resources for mitigation and adaptation activities is essential to give us the best chance of achieving the SDGs by 2030. If the global climate agreement is weak on climate mitigation, then we will lose our ability to achieve the SDGs, particularly on poverty and energy.

This downloadable infographic (right) shows – in images – which SDGs could be particularly at risk under a low-ambition global climate agreement. Readers are welcome to use the infographic in their work, as long as they do not alter it, and they give full credit to the authors, a team from HR Wallingford, Metroeconomica and CDKN. Copyright CDKN 2015.

Find the full report detailing the research, with methodological notes, on

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