INFOGRAPHIC: Climate risk to Caribbean prosperity

INFOGRAPHIC: Climate risk to Caribbean prosperity

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Author: CDKN Global

The escalating cost of climate change to the Caribbean region makes a compelling argument for taking early action for adapting to climate change. An analysis of ten years of climate change research in the Caribbean found that sectors that are vital to regional economic and social development, including agriculture and tourism, are especially vulnerable to climate change and its impacts. The findings suggest that well-targeted measures to adapt will be essential to protect the development gains made by the region in recent decades.

CDKN produced this infographic illustrating the effects of CDKN’s work in climate projections, highlighting the projected effects of climate change in Caribbean countries, and recommending tools and methods that can be applied to reduce the impact of of climate change on Caribbean countries.

This infographic shows how costly climate change is projected to be for important economic sectors in the Caribbean.

You can download the high-res pdf from the sidebar of this page or here (1.55 MB)

You can download the low-res pdf here (855 kb)

You can download the high-res image here (498 kb)

You can download the low-res image here (197 kb)

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