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REPORT: Gorakhpur: Extreme Rainfall, Climate Change and Flooding

Climate change is likely to increase the intensity of rain events around Gorakhpur over the next 50 years. At the same time, the city’s population will continue to increase and require more housing, more transportation, and a multitude of other city services. Unless the city can manage growth in a more sustainable manner, flood depths will increase and waterlogging will last longer due to the projected climate change impacts on rainfall and current urbanization process. GEAG, Arup and ISET-International have been working together to explore the factors that lead to flooding and waterlogging within Gorakhpur.

With support from the Rockefeller Foundation and Climate Development and Knowledge Network (CDKN), this policy brief, Gorakhpur: Extreme Rainfall, Climate Change and Flooding, describes the types of rainfall events that currently trigger flooding and waterlogging in Mahewa, and how climate change may alter the frequency of these events.

Sheltering From a Gathering Storm is a two-year project supported by CDKN targeting peri-urban areas in India, Vietnam and Pakistan to identify practical solutions for resilient shelters and the long-term economic returns of investing in such shelter structures, focussing on cities facing risks from typhoons, flooding and extreme heat.

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