POLICY BRIEF: Going Green with Equity

POLICY BRIEF: Going Green with Equity

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Author: CDKN
Tags: capacity-building, green growth, green growth best practice

The CDKN project, A Green Guide (GG): Aligning political and social contexts for Green and Inclusive Growth, aims to respond to growing calls for strategic thinking, communications tools and guidance documents which are accessible for generalists, in order to strengthen the understanding of linkages between climate change and development at a very practical level. It takes forward the notion of ’greening’ as a process and not just an outcome. It goes to the heart of development planning by positioning the twinned issues of the green economy and climate change as an opportunity for equitable and inclusive development. By enabling forward movement at the national level on questions such as where to start?, what next? and how to make this work for the poor?, this guide takes a step towards ’climate-proofing’ policy and the mainstreaming of climate compatible development (CCD) in practice.

This short policy brief, Going Green with Equity, details the necessity of the Green Guide, as well as its aims and outputs.

Further reading:

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Research paper: Locating the Policy Space for Inclusive Green Growth within the SADC Extractive Sector
Policy brief: Considering Growth and Equity in SADC Today
Policy brief: From Research to Results: Greener Pathways for the SADC Region


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