Report : Extreme Rainfall and Climate Change by the 2020s &2050s (Technical Report)

Report : Extreme Rainfall and Climate Change by the 2020s &2050s (Technical Report)

Located in central Vietnam, the city of Da Nang is experiencing rapid urbanization and development. Population is increasing around 11% a year, new construction continues to rise along the coastline, and nearly annual flooding disrupts livelihoods, commerce, and development. The flooding is due to a combination of rapid urbanization and land-use change, tidal flooding, and heavy rainfall both in the city and upstream. Climate change will alter the frequency and intensity of extreme rainfall events, which are currently caused either by typhoons or more localized storms, and increase sea levels leading to greater tidal flooding and higher storm surges. Taken together, this implies that climate change will intensify flood risk in the future. Coupled with continued development, it is possible that Da Nang could experience unprecedented levels of flooding in the future.

This technical report, Da Nang: Extreme Rainfall and Climate Change by the 2020s & 2050s (Technical Report), provides a technical overview of the extreme event analysis conducted to investigate how climate change might alter the intensity of future extreme rainfall in Da Nang. This report is meant for hydrological engineers, water managers, and urban planners requiring more
techincal information.

Sheltering From a Gathering Storm is a two-year project supported by CDKN targeting peri-urban areas in India, Vietnam and Pakistan to identify practical solutions for resilient shelters and the long-term economic returns of investing in such shelter structures, focussing on cities facing risks from typhoons, flooding and extreme heat.

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